Fees and Rules                        

Skeet, 25 Target Round  
Members $4.00
Juniors $2.00
5-Stand, 25 Target Round  
Members $5.00
Sporting Clays, Per 50  
Members $15.00



  • $250.00 1st year.
  • $150.00 Annual their after, due by 12/31 of the current year.
  • Must submit a State Criminal background check or copy of a valid Pistol/Revolver permit to prove prior background check with application.
  • Applications shall be picked up in person at the club.
  • Applications processed after June 1st of the current year shall be valid for the remainder of that year and the following year.
  • After ninety days in good standing, you will be given a key to the facility.


    Club Rules:

    1. Shooting glasses and ear protection must be worn by shooters and spectators.

    2. No shot sizes other than 7-1/2, 8, or 9 allowed.

    3. Keep Actions open and gun unloaded at all times.

    4. Load gun on shooting station only.

    5. Make sure gun is empty and action open before leaving station.

    6. Keep loaded or unloaded guns pointed in safe direction at all times.

    7. Children must be under close supervision by adults.

    8. Everyone must stay on paths.

    9. No littering please.

    10. Guns carried on carts and ATVíS must be in a vertical position.

    11. Shooting hours are from 8:30am until 7:00pm.